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Over 300 million tires are “scrapped” in the United States every year.  More than 10 million of those are generated in NY State alone.  The same characteristics that allow tires to last for 30 to 60 thousand miles on your car become an environmental nightmare on their disposal; they are extremely difficult to break down into their basic materials.

Very few companies make it their business to become part of the solution by reusing tires that still have a useful life.  Millions of tires are destroyed or disposed of improperly every year in the US that could, and should, be reused.  We pride ourselves by providing our customers with an inexpensive alternative to new tires while helping reduce the size of the waste stream.  It also reduces your personal carbon footprint since no petroleum is used in the manufacture of used tires!

Hoosick Tire & Services, continues to work to provide state of the art green solutions for our customers. By offering nitrogen filled tires in our  Hoosick location we are reducing the carbon footprint by making your tires last longer and allowing for better fuel consumption. Nitrogen filled tires improve fuel economy through better pressure retention, nitrogen inflation will also reduce oil use and lower the amount of toxic emissions entering our atmosphere.

It is estimated that, if everyone in the US had the correct pressure in their tires, almost 4 billion gallons of fuel would be saved each year! That’s 79 billion tons of carbon dioxide that wouldn’t go into the air we breathe. If everyone used nitrogen, the demand for new tires would also be reduced. Manufacturing fewer tires would decrease pressure on natural resources used in the process, lower toxic emissions from manufacturing plants, decrease shipping of tires and reduce the number of tires going to landfills.

Remember, reusing valuable resources is one of the best ways to GO GREEN.  We thank you for your efforts to conserve our planets valuable resources.